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That’s me along with my cousins, the one in the middle looking straight into the camera. My parents didn’t own a camera, so our photo collection came from extra prints from friends and family. I wish we had a camera and had more memories frozen and saved for ever! I understand the value of a photo, and I understand that special moments make it PRICELESS! (like this one is to me.) Back then I was staring at the camera not knowing anything about shutter speed, F stops or lenses; it was a magic machine which created wonders. After all these years of professional photography, I have worked with the camera extensively, I still think it’s a magic machine that can freeze moments into beautiful memories!

I enjoy photographing people, everyone is different and has a variety of emotions ! Weddings are one of the most wonderful things to witness on Earth; people are so happy, and the place is filled with amazing energy and emotions! Weddings are beautiful! Every wedding has its story and I try to capture it with my photography along with its vibrance. It moves me when the couples are touched by the photos; photographs are like a time machine with which you can travel back to those special moments where you know you are loved.

I was born in India to the backdrop of South West Monsoons (Edavappathi), I grew up in Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. After my bachelors in Engineering, I  traveled to many countries and have lived outside India for 6 years  in cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Delaware, Bangalore, Cochin and Prague. I am based in Bangalore , and travel across Europe and Asia for photographic assignments.

Thats about me and I let my work speak for the style(check them out here ), recently one of my couples wrote me which they described their experience and my style very well : – By Ann & Sebin

:- “People are Saneesh’s forte and photography his passion. The amalgamation of these two strengths is what births the magnificence in his pictures. We haven’t had enough of looking at the pictures from our shoot and we haven’t stopped sharing it with the world. Saneesh’s pictures make us look better than models and the best bit- we hardly had to do anything.The pictures, or more precisely the memories and moments, which Saneesh captured of us say so much about who we are as individuals and as a couple. And that was exactly what we wanted. Pictures that are us. We loved how Saneesh so effortlessly caught moments of our being with each other. He beautifully used his pictures to weave the story of our relationship.We walked away from that shoot having had so much fun,taking back great memories, and most importantly-having made a good friend.”

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Oh and here is me being a photographer at my own wedding and you can see how it turned out. May 2013

And thats me:)and my FB link.