Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Snaps for Eternal Liveliness

Wedding snaps are like memories bundled up in photo albums and therefore, every click has to be from an eternal perspective. This type of photography is possible only when the shooter has a dedicated attitude – to be candid and focused every time he clicks. This is the only trick to capture those smiles, those celebrative moods and that joyousness in their purest form.

Having spent a long time photographing Indian weddings, Saneesh Sukumaran is adept with every aspect of the proceedings and his camera impeccably clicks when and where it should! This facet, broadly termed as candid wedding photography, is Saneesh’s forte, and is a must have in every marriage.

Plan a meeting well ahead of the event to make sure the wedding in your family are captivated most candidly!

candid wedding photography